Personable and conscientious

For over 15 years, Dr. Howard-Cooper has been a core part of my process of health and well-being.  At least once or twice a year, my back goes out in a painful way. Usually, with one session, sometimes two and rarely three, I’m fully recovered.  Sometimes something is off with my knee, my ankle or there is a pain in my thigh, and within moments of looking at me, and watching me walk for a moment or two, Dr. Howard-Cooper sees what’s off balance and he always knows exactly how to find the source of the physical stress, and how to release it.  I go through life with a confidence that this wizard has an open door, ready to help and set me, and countless others, back in ease, grace and comfort.  His ability to see the connections to diet, sleep, other stresses or bodily challenges (carrying children) have been uncanny.  I have recommend Dr. Howard Cooper to friends and family; my reference is unconditional.  RP, NYC

“I suffered with back pain, neck pain and headaches for many years and Stephan really helped me. Unlike many chiropractors out there, Stephan uses his hands, skill, and experience to pinpoint what needs to be done so that it’s effective and never too much. Other chiropractors have actually done damage and made my condition worse. He is also personable, honest, and genuinely wants to help people. I would highly recommend Stephan.” —H.K.
“I used to have severe upper back pain from an old injury. Not only did Doctor Howard-Cooper heal me completely,he showed me maintenance exercises that rejuvenated my health and restored my flexibility. My father was a chiropractor so I am picky about who touches my spine. Personable and conscientious, Dr. Howard-Cooper is my first choice for chiropractor care, and he has a great sense of humor, too!” —B.S.

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