nothing the M.D.’s could do except proffer needless surgeries

Had a very bad lower back problem (damage disc doing rock-climbing ). After getting few treatments with a different Chiropractor and it wasn’t getting better I have been told about Dr Cooper and it was the best advise I got for my problem. I was feeling better after 3 sessions(twice a week) and of course it took few month to get back to almost normal but my condition was very bad and I could barely bend down more then 20º. I am still going to Dr Cooper for minor problems and he is always spot on. Michael B.
Stephan is a genius! He is a spectacular diagnostician, a gifted practitioner of chiropractic medicine and a really good guy. I have had chronic lumbar and thoracic back issues, seen countless specialists, had MRI’s and x-rays… and there was nothing the M.D.’s could do except proffer needless surgeries. There have been times when I could barely walk, and Stephan was able to get me up and on my feet in just one treatment session. I cannot recommend him highly enough – he has a distinguished academic background, attends all the latest conferences on spinal and muscle health, and knows more about the human body and how to treat it than most medical doctors. I recommend Stephan to all of my acquaintances who have need of a great chiropractor, and I say to people who sit “on the fence” regarding chiropractic that you have not been to Stephan – he will change the way you understand and appreciate this medical art. (I have been to other chiropractors, and I can tell you, there is a difference in efficacy of treatment, just as there is with any doctor, and you need someone who is concerned, takes time with you to understand and diagnose your condition, and to treat it properly, as does Dr. Howard-Cooper.) I continue to see him on a maintenance basis and he keeps me and my back in better health than any surgical procedure could ever do. You can have your doctor forward all of your films to Stephan, but I tell you Stephan will probably will diagnose your condition from your first visit without them – he did mine – and was spot on, as confirmed later by the MRI’s and x-rays, which he reviewed along with me — in greater detail and with more specificity than my specialist. Cannot say enough about this man – thank you, Dr. Howard-Cooper!!! You literally are a life-saver (not the candy lol). -Yanni Kyriazis

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