Treating Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of exciting and profound changes. Unfortunately for over two-thirds of all women this is also a time of varying degrees of low back pain. Often dismissed as “normal” by many physicians and mothers-to-be, these pains are often due to the body’s failure to properly adapt to the changes occurring. As many drugs and pain killers can be dangerous to the developing fetus, this problem is often best treated conservatively. Chiropractic, the world’s largest natural health care system, makes more sense.
As the pregnancy progresses and more of a women’s weight becomes centered in front, the curve of her low back will also increase in compensation. Unfortunately these postural changes put increased and unnatural stress on pain-sensitive spinal joins and ligaments. Also, hormonal secretions, particularly relaxin, soften stabilizing ligaments which will increase the likelihood of sprains and strains. Gentle mobilization of restricted spinal joints can greatly decrease stress on these joints. Many women fist notice these associated pains when sitting for prolonged periods, rising from a seated position, or turning in bed.
Relief from back pain of pregnancy through safe and effective non-drug treatments
Muscle groups throughout the body can also be the source of pain due to increasing stresses. Gentle manipulation of “trigger points” within the soft tissues can bring relief from common aches and pains.
Many women under chiropractic care incidentally report shorted and easier labors, as well as a quicker recovery. Today more women appreciate the fact that birth is a natural process, and they seek to fully participate.
Chiropractic care can contribute to making a pregnancy all it can be.
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