Had a very bad lower back problem (damage disc doing rock-climbing ). After getting few treatments with a different Chiropractor and it wasn’t getting better I have been told about Dr Cooper and it was the best advise I got for my problem. I was feeling better after 3 sessions(twice a week) and of course it took few month to get back to almost normal but my condition was very bad and I could barely bend down more then 20º. I am still going to Dr Cooper for minor problems and he is always spot on. Michael B.

Dr. Stephan Howard-CooperThe one-on-one care you receive with Dr. Howard-Cooper is personalized to help you meet your health goals, utilizing Western nutrition, exercise, chiropractic, cranio-sacral balancing and applied kinesiology.

Dr. Howard-Cooper boasts an impressive resume with a varied population. He was a Medical Team Member for the NY State Games for the Physically Challenged, the Victory Games of the US Paralympics and the JCC Maccabi Youth Games.

He has wide experience with martial artists, serving as Official Chiropractor of theMyo-Fu-An Taijutsu dojo, the NY Ziranmen Kungfu School and Academy Five Points Muay Thai Boxing.

Along with martial artists, Stephan also regularly treats performing artists, actors, yoga instructors, other health care professionals (MDs, LAc’s, nurses,) and people in many other walks of life.

Dr. Howard-Cooper has lectured in Orthopedics at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and Touro College of Health Sciences, Oriental Medicine Programs.

Dr. Howard-Cooper has maintained a private practice in New York City since 1988.

Make an appointment today by calling (212) 674-4699.

Low Back Pain

“When I sprained my back, I wasn’t content to sit at home, take muscle relaxers and Tylenol, and hope that it would all get better. Dr. Howard-Cooper not only helped me to relieve the pain, regain strength and full range of motion in my back. He also taught me how to maintain a healthy back and take good care of myself for years to come.

“In these days of managed care, it is increasingly rare to find someone like Dr. Howard-Cooper, who so actively commits to the care and healing of his patients. Dr. Howard-Cooper has the wisdom to take the time to listen to his patients. He offers the luxury of an in-depth examination and consultation. And he has the skill to convert what he has learned into lasting good health for his patients.”

—EB, Publisher

I was taking as many as six (6) ibuprofen daily for back and neck pain before I began seeing Dr. Howard-Cooper four year ago. I’ve taken less than 20 TOTAL since that time. I highly recommend his technique.

—MS, Vice President of Sports Marketing, Danskin, Inc., Director ­ Danskin Women’s Triathlon Series

Martial Artists

“I would never have belived how good Dr. Howard-Cooper could make me feel. My martial arts have markedly improved. I now consider the best thing I do for myself is Chiropractic from Dr. Howard-Cooper.”

—MK, Martial arts instructor


“I had been under Dr. Howard-Cooper’s care throught my pregnancy and didn’t have much of the back pain and fatigue that my friends complained about during their pregnancies. I also delivered in about six hours. Now I bring the baby with me for care when I go for my chiropractic adjustments.”

—CP, new mother

Highly Recommended Chiropractic Care

Dr. Howard-Cooper was recommended to me by a fellow musician. He brings professionalism and his humor together in a great way, making a chiropractic visit feel like visiting a buddy and not so much someone who is just moving your bones around. He loves what he does, and that is refreshing. He is in tune with his patients and takes the time to know about you and what you need now and in the future. Cracking jokes as well as your back, it is always a fun and therapeutic experience. Highly recommended.

—Mike Moreno, Musician

Funny, Caring, and a Great Chiropractor

I’ve been seeing Dr. Howard-Cooper for about two years. I’m very physically active and as a result I get out of whack from time to time. Dr. Howard-Cooper, very cheerfully, helps put me right. And I feel terrific after the adjustments and ready for the rigors of life. He is very funny, which means a lot, and actually cares and listens when you tell him what’s going on with your body. He always makes me feel like a welcome guest, or as the poster above says a buddy. Overall, I’d say if you want a chiropractor who’s a great guy and great at helping you, you’d be well advised to see Dr. Howard-Cooper.


“I demand a lot from my body; Dr. Howard-Cooper’s ‘maintenance’ has allowd me to continue with my athletic pursuits.”

—CG, Gymnast and Trapeze artist

“Dr. Howard-Cooper’s approach to good health is identical to my approach to my work in the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus — immersive, all-body, all-mind dedication to a lifestyle where are elements are in balance. A Cirkus artist is nowhere without good balance! Thank you Doctor Howard-Cooper!”

—SM, Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

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